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Disclosure: If you happen to find the perfect wedding item following one of our links (we hope you do) we may earn a small fee for making it happen, this is at no cost to you and helps us with running costs. Enjoy browsing the site and pop back again soon!

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Wedding planning can be a daunting task, and if you're like us, you want to be organized and keep all of your information in one place, which could be a device, wedding app, or wedding planning binder! We adore wedding planning binders because they allow you to cut out your favorite images from wedding magazines, add clippings from other sources, and store all of your printed receipts, wedding vendor pamphlets, and business cards! When you're finished, the wedding planning binder makes an excellent keepsake for your special day! After the wedding, keep track of all the gifts you received so that you can send personalized thank you notes and cards. With all this in mind, we've created a variety of themed wedding planning guides, checklists, and dividers to help you have fun while organizing your wedding planning binder! We add new themes on a weekly basis. Have fun and share your wedding planning binders and how you used our printables with us in our wedding planning group!

Disclosure: If you happen to find the perfect wedding item following one of our links (we hope you do) we may earn a small fee for making it happen, this is at no cost to you and helps us with running costs. Enjoy browsing the site and pop back again soon!

Disclosure: If you happen to find the perfect wedding item following one of our links (we hope you do) we may earn a small fee for making it happen, this is at no cost to you and helps us with running costs. Enjoy browsing the site and pop back again soon!

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Wedding Invitation Trends 2023

We've seen firsthand how rapidly the costs of a wedding can mount. Furthermore, we are aware that you have high standards for your wedding decor and don't want to make any concessions in that regard. So we set out to build a brand that provides wedding stationery that is both beautiful and inexpensive. Save money by ordering low-cost budget wedding invitations leaving you free to spend that money on something more enjoyable. Page down to view our latest designs, see what is trending and get in touch if you have an idea you don't see realized in our store.

For your 2022 or 2023 you can anticipate a plethora of fresh invitation ideas, including fashionable colors and designs, sophisticated layouts, photo overlays, and bold typefaces. Vintage botanicals and florals are popular, dusty color combinations, rustic spice tones, barely there color accents, new foil invites, lace accents, more alternatives for winter and fall weddings than ever before, and quirky design elements are all popular wedding trends for 2022 and 2023. 



Classic PHOTO QRCODE Wedding Invites from 0.30


Greenery Wedding Invites PHOTO & QR Code from 0.30


MIX'n'Match Rose Pink Moss Green Fall Wedding SET


Rustic Sunflowers Ampersand Arch Wedding Suite


Alcohol Ink Mixed


Seating Chart & Photo Wall Art Selection by LeahG


Blushing Pink Rose Gold Glitter Wedding Set


From 0.30 Sunflowers and Olive Leaves Wedding Set

Featured Collections by LeahG®️ 

Rustic Lace Wedding Invitations

budget rustic wood lace gypsophila  wedding invitations


Invite your guests to a rustic country, barn, or woodland themed wedding by sending them rustic wedding invites. There are numerous alternatives for budget rustic wedding invitations, and we offer a variety of layouts to choose from. Rustic wood backdrop, strings of lights, a wooden love heart, mason jars with Gypsophila (baby's breath) and lace border are some of the elements in this design Wedding invitations for as little as $0.35!

Rustic Sunflowers Wedding Suite

budget rustic sunflowers wedding invitations


Rustic Sunflowers themed wedding invitations are the ideal method to inform your guests that your wedding will be rustic rural, barn forest themed. These rustic invites come in a variety of layouts, and we have several inexpensive budget rustic Sunflower wedding invitation options. Budget  Sunflower floral wedding invitations start at $0.35.

Agate Gold Foil Wedding Suite

budget navy blue gold agate wedding invitations


The theme of this fashionable wedding collection, which includes budget wedding invitations starting as low as $0.35, is elegant and modern agate marble with gold threads. Wedding welcome signs, RSVP cards, save the dates, and other complementary accessories are available in the collection.

White Roses Green Wedding Suite

budget white roses emerald green gold arch wedding invitations


This low-cost wedding invitation collection features emerald green invites with watercolor illustrations of white roses and a stylish arch shape frame. There are numerous variations on this theme. Budget wedding invites in this collection are available worldwide from $0.35.

Mix 'n Match Monochrome Stationery

Budget monochrome wedding invitations


Check out our modern monochrome, single color wedding invites, which come in a variety of text layouts and color themes. Budget wedding invitations start at $0.35, making them some of the cheapest wedding invites available online, with fantastic designs and excellent service.

Pampas and Eucalyptus Leaves Wedding Suite

budget pampas grass wedding invitations


We have a large selection of Pampas Grass themed wedding invitations and matching stationery in a variety of colors to fit any wedding color scheme. Budget wedding invitations start at $0.35, providing excellent value and allowing you to spread the expense of your wedding across multiple areas.

Black Roses Gothic Wedding Invites

budget black roses gothic wedding invitations


Blush pink and black This inexpensive budget wedding invitation features a rose motif. Suitable for a gothic-themed wedding ceremony or reception. Extra money saved because you don't have to buy separate info cards because of the text template fields on both sides. Elegant and trendy wedding invitations on a budget from $0.35. Worldwide shipping.

Terracotta Pampas Grass Wedding Suite

budget pampas grass wedding invitations


Pampas Grasses in watercolor green and terracotta colors are the inspiration for these modern budget wedding invites. There are a plethora of layouts and typefaces to pick from. The ideal low-cost wedding invites with a terracotta and emerald green color scheme. The cheapest wedding invites cost just $0.35.


Zazzle budget wedding invitations cardstock and paper comparison guide

Low Budget Wedding Network® Range by LeahG®

are zazzle invitations cardstock

If you want to see the design you like on a different paper or cardstock type, view its attached collection or use the TRANSFER feature to view the design on your desired product type.

how to transfer a design on zazzle

As the creator of The Low Budget Wedding Netw​ork®, I'm always on the lookout for new and creative methods to help couples save money on their wedding stationery, decor, and gifts. As a result I have come up with some innovative ways to ensure you can still enjoy great design and quality printing at a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding invitations. My flyer invitations start from less than $0.35, £0.35 with volume discounts and sales. These cheap, budget inexpensive flyer invites offer quality printing at a price you can afford. * They do not come with envelopes and are paper weight (like regular flyers you get through your door). Envelopes can easily and inexpensively be purchased locally or via sites like Amazon. 

My best value option is in my opinion the Semi-Gloss Sheets. These are smaller than regular 5x7 invitations but are the same weight and cardstock type as the semi-gloss flat card invitations. 300gsm.

All-in-1 wedding invitations

Most of my invitations have text template fields on BOTH sides enabling you to make further savings on enclosures as you can add your rsvp, gift registry, wedding website, qr scanning code, reception details and more to the reverse.

LeahG® wedding stationery questions answered​

1. Do you print the invitations and ship them?

No, all our designs are fulfilled via Zazzle. We create the templates and Zazzle handles all aspects of customer fulfillment. We do not see nor can we access customer orders. You can contact Zazzle customer services for all product, order, shipping inquiries. You can contact us (via LeahG) via the Zazzle product page for any design-related queries.

2. Can I personalize the invitations?

All our invitations feature text templates (mainly on both sides) for you to add all your required wording. 

3. Is there a word limit?

You will be limited to how much you can write by the available space for each text field. View the 'sample' invite as your guide.

4. Will I see a proof?

You can review your stationery item online via Zazzle before placing your order. There is no proofreading service and free samples are not available at this time. You can however in many cases order a single invitation to view the quality.

5. What are the differences between different paper and cardstock types?

View our guide to different paper weights and cardstock here.

6. Can you print in different languages?

We have a range of invitations that allow you to add your invite wording in one language on one side and in another language on the other side. These are bilingual invitations. You are required to add your own wording via the text template fields. 

7. Can I get a digital copy of my paper product/invitation?

No. At this time Zazzle do not provide digital copies and Designers/Creators are unable to do so.

8. Can you correct the mistakes I notice after I placed the order?

No, as independent Designers on Zazzle, we cannot see customer orders as Zazzle handles all fulfillment and shipping. If you make a mistake you will need to cancel your order and begin again. For further advice, contact Zazzle customer services.

9. How long does it take to receive the invitations?

Zazzle offers worldwide shipping and as such delivery rates will depend on where in the world you are. You will be advised at the time of placing your order what the shipping and delivery times are for your region.

10. Can I alter the design after I placed my order?

No, you will need to cancel your order and begin again. For a complete list of Zazzle's terms and conditions enter here.

11. Can I ask for changes to your design templates?

Yes, you can ask, depending upon time allowing we may be able to make changes to our templates at no extra cost to you. If we are unable to do so, we will direct you to Zazzle's FREE Live Designer service.

12. Do you have matching items?

In many cases yes, view the attached collections on the Zazzle product page to view what is available. For bespoke additions, you can request assistance from Zazzle's FREE Live Designer service.

13. What if something goes wrong?

Zazzle offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - view their policy details here.

Enter Zazzle's HELP Page

Planning your wedding stationery is one of the most important things you need to do, buy, and organize before the big day. After all, you'll want to let your guests know about your upcoming special day well in advance. Set the tone for your big day with your wedding invitation and accessories that reflect your personal style and taste. Guests will get their first formal message from you about your upcoming nuptials in this invitation, so make it memorable. When it comes to etiquette, start with your wedding invitations. The Internet as a Source of Information. When it comes to getting married, the Internet has thrown up a whole new world of possibilities. Everything you need to know may be found online, even the stationery you'll need. There are a wide variety of wedding invitations and accessories to pick from on a variety of online stationery and wedding related websites. As you can rapidly learn about the current trends and items available, many women today conduct their wedding research online. Both online and in-store options are available for purchasing your wedding stationery, so you can choose what works best for you. Before making a purchase, you may usually request a sample of the stationery from the retailer via postal mail.

Every engaged couple dreams of having a wedding that is as one-of-a-kind as possible. Custom wedding stationery is a terrific place to start. Custom stationery has many advantages, including the ability to personalize the wording, typeface, size, and color of the lettering. Your wedding stationery will be able to match any theme you choose for your big day, no matter what it is. Classic, contemporary, flowery, embossed, layered, and religious wedding invitations and decorations are just a few of the many options available. Do You Have a Limited Budget? Print-at-home wedding invites are an option if you're on a tight budget and need to save money on your wedding stationery. Personalize and print your wedding invitations at home using free online services that are offered by several large online stationery companies. Using their program, you pay for the paper and envelopes and then print directly from your computer. You'll be able to enter your content, make changes, see a preview, and print it thanks to the advanced customization features. It's easy to use, there are no mistakes, and there are no wasted cards!

Pick a Theme to Focus on. Stationery should be in keeping with the overall wedding theme. Consider using a floral print on your stationery if your wedding will be in a garden. There are a variety of accessories that can assist you to incorporate your wedding's theme into your stationery. Ribbons, hearts, rings, and white doves are just a few examples. The color of your invitations should reflect the same sensibility. When it comes to the color of your bridesmaid's gowns, this is usually decided upon first and foremost. How many wedding stationery things are available will amaze you. You can select complimentary stationery accessories to match your wedding invitations even though your wedding invitation is the most noticeable piece of paper. Guests need to know about their invitations in advance so that they may plan their travels and make other arrangements for the big day. Using this checklist, you'll be able to plan ahead and stay on top of things:- Make sure your invitation's wording is proper. Check out the invitation with the help of a friend or family member. Wait till all of the details are finalized before ordering your invites. The majority of professional wedding planners recommend three to six months prior to the ceremony; To figure out how many invitations you'll need, divide the number of guests by the number of invitations you'll need. Additional invites for keepsakes and last-minute visitors should be added to your order after determining the quantity of invitations. You may also want to include 25 to 50 extra envelopes in your order in case of problems in addressing. Wedding invitations should be mailed six weeks before to the wedding, according to most experienced wedding planners. The search has plenty of time to answer to this offer; Your postage will be determined by the weight of the entire assembled invitation, so don't forget this step! Invitations to a wedding establish a theme and style for your wedding by letting your guests know what to expect.

Save The Date Cards

Save the Date cards are a way to inform your visitors of your upcoming nuptials so that you may enjoy your big day in peace. Your guests will need them if they're flying in from afar, your wedding falls on or around one of the holidays, you're having a remote destination wedding, or your wedding is taking place in an area that's popular with tourists. If you are planning a destination wedding, it is strongly recommended that you send your invitations at least 12 months in advance if possible. It is advisable to send them 9-12 months in advance if they are going to be in a touristy area or around a holiday. In this way, you and your guests will have plenty of time before the event to make all the arrangements necessary to be there. Think outside the box, Put the Date on Your Calendar As previously said, cards aren't meant to be taken seriously. There are a plethora of design possibilities to choose from. Add a picture of you and your fiancé or embellishments to give them a more personal feel. You can have them match your wedding invitations, magnets, brochure format, post card size, multiple layers, booklet style, or any combination of these.

Here are some suggestions for what information to include on your invitations: your names, the date of your wedding, the location of the ceremony, and the city or town in which it will take place. Also, save the date Many people who haven't been to a wedding in a while may think that cards are the invitation itself, so write something to the effect of "Invitation to follow", "Invitation and details to follow", or "Invitation will follow" at the bottom of the card. Do not forget to put your guest's address if you have a wedding website. You do not have to send Save the Date Cards to everyone you are inviting; however, every guest who receives a Save the Date Card must also receive an invitation if you want to keep your guest list to a minimum. Make a list of close family and friends who you want to make sure can attend and mail them a Save the Date Card.

Additional information, such as airline, car rental, hotel, and information on local and nearby attractions and events, as well as special shows and theatrical performances, is recommended to make your guests' travel arrangements easier. Call individual companies to check if they offer group discounts and go the extra mile to get them.

Different Types of Wedding Invitations

Single-folded piece (without an envelope) with the response postcard attached to the invitation by a perforation for easy removal is mailed to visitors. Using a postcard as a response means you'll save money on postage when you send it back. Seals and a printed return address are usually included in the price of this product, which is typically used for invitations and response postcards.

There are a number of ways in which you can notify individuals who will not be attending your nuptials, such as mailing them an announcement card. Print these on the same paper as your wedding invitation and mail them right after your wedding, indicating that it has already happened. If you don't have enough area on your wedding invitation to contain the specifics of your reception, reception cards can be produced to match your invites and then be included as a separate insert. Please keep in mind that the weight of this card may increase your delivery costs.

For precise food and seating arrangements, RSVP cards are a must-have while arranging your dinner/reception. Embedded in your wedding invitation are the response card and postal envelope. The visitors will just have to fill out the card and ship it back to you by the date you specify if you remember to include a postage stamp on the little envelope. Map Cards: Guests who are unfamiliar with the location of the church and/or reception may find these cards helpful. Having your return address printed on the outside of your wedding invitation envelope flaps will save you time and ensure that any invites that are not delivered are returned to you. Those who can't make the event but want to send you a card or gift can pay a nominal fee for the address. Adding a splash of color to the inside of your wedding invitations is as simple as paying a little fee to have your inner envelopes lined. Your invitation color options may vary based on the type of invitation you select.

Self-adhesive envelope seals provide the perfect finishing touch. Your outer envelope's flap is held down by a variety of methods, which can be employed to make it appear that it hasn't previously been sealed.

It's a good idea to include these notes with your wedding invitation order, as they're normally printed on the same paper and will save you money in shipping fees. Your name or monogram is printed on the front, and the inside is left blank so you can write your thank-you letters in style. Wedding leftovers might be used for different purposes long after the event. They come packaged with pre-printed envelopes for sending letters and packages. There is no need to include all of the aforementioned components in your wedding invites. Remember, this is your big day, so you get to pick and choose who of your loved ones you want to invite.