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Ultimate $5000 Budget Wedding Planning Guide

Budget Wedding Planning Guide



Comprehensive guide on how to plan your wedding with a budget of $/£5000, packed with tips and advice.

How to keep your venue costs under $2000

How to keep your venue costs under 2000



You can slash your wedding venue costs in half with these tips, along with budget wedding venue ideas.

Budget Wedding Invitations - compare brands

Wedding Invitations - compare brands


Wedding invitations, digital, printed and evites from 0.28. View your options, wording and etiquette guide.

How to plan a beautiful wedding wedding For 5000 or less

The sceptics claim it can't be done, but hundreds of couples around the world are becoming clever wedding planners and achieving a beautiful wedding for less than $5000, £5000. They accomplished it, and you can too; keep reading to find out how!

How to plan a beautiful wedding wedding For 5000 or less

This guide is intended for couples with a set budget of up to $/£5,000. Venue and vendor expenses will, of course, vary depending on location, time of year, number of attendees, and so on. This is a starting point to show you how other couples created stunning weddings on a budget, and we hope you'll share your story and wedding planning adventure with us as well. Take a seat, pour yourself a brew, and settle in to enjoy this article that is packed with advice on how to plan a low-budget wedding.

how to plan a wedding for $5000

For a more detailed analysis of average vendor costs visit the weddingcalculator website.

How real wedding couples achieved the wedding of their dream for less than 5k!

I asked real wedding couples how they achieved the wedding of their dreams for less than $5000, £5000 and here are some of their replies with breakdowns of their wedding budget and costings. Some say it can't be done, it can and here they are to prove it! 

Note: posted with permission, replies edited for clarity, names changed to protect privacy. ALL costings are exactly as specified. 

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Sandra writes

We have spent about $3500 in total with odds and ends not listed. Sometimes you have to get creative but in the end it'll be all worth it.

  • We rented a Victorian house on airbnb that would hold our 55 guests and will also be our lodging since it has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 15 people. We have the wedding venue for two days and cost us $1000. It’s fully decorated and we are using their plates/glasses/etc. 
  • We have DJ equipment and a friend is going to play DJ and our moms will make the announcements.
  • A local bbq place is catering and cost us $500. 
  • We found a deal on a photographer that was running a special, $750.
  • Our friend is a baker and will be making custom cupcakes where each person can enjoy 2 cupcakes instead of one. $180.
  • We used the wedding alcohol calculator and will be spending $350 on alcohol (Costco alcohol is great and probably won't run as much as the estimate). We have a bartender who is working for tips, she will be pouring and refilling the dispensers along with wine and beer. We bought a pop up bar for $80 to put outside since the house didn't have one.
  • My wedding dress was $400 with $150 in alterations by a local seamstress.
  • Since the reception is outside we found propane heaters on fb marketplace for $100.
  • I made our bouquets with silk flowers from Michaels and Joann's, with coupons I spent $180 for 6 bouquets and floral table decorations.

Brianna writes

  • We rented out a private room $500 at this really nice hotel for dinner. It's a max of 40 people so dinner will be an average of $50 per person. Total $2,500
  • Afterward, we rented out a private section of the rooftop bar for drinks and dessert
  • No ceremony so no bridesmaids or bouquets and very minimal decor since the hotel is so nice that it doesn't really need it. 
  • I got my wedding dress at David's Bridal. 
  • I bought some candles from big lots for $30 during their 20% off coupon days, and a few more small decorative items from Marshalls/HomeGoods. 
  • I used to be a makeup artist so all I really need is a hairstylist for the day of. 
  • My groom found his suit on sale at the outlets. They have really nice suits at the Hugo boss outlet that we loved, and he's military so his discount helped out a lot!

Christine writes

Wedding venue is only $300 for 12hr timeslot in Ft. Worth, Texas.  

  • I am a DIY queen so I already have a lot of my decor, just need to assemble it. 
  • I plan to spend my bank on DJ and photographer.  I'm looking to possibly have a college student do my photography. 
  • We are doing pasta as our food option and my friend is a chef so we are just paying for the food cost. He is gifting his services. 

Georgins writes

My wedding cost under $4,000

  • I rented a flower farm for $1,500
  • Food was $1,000. 
  • My dress was $200 from Heebos
  • Decorations were $500 I made a lot of them. 
  • $500 for all desserts.  
  • Husbands tux and shoes were $200 
  • Drinks were around $500.

Victoria writes

  • We found our outdoor wedding venue by a lake for the day $98.
  • We bought a home portable stereo system to replace an actual DJ for $400
  • We're doing a potluck reception where everyone has already been volunteering to bring different trays of food .

Sara writes

With food, cake, DIY decorations and tents the reception will be around $2500. Yes it's possible.

  • Our budget wedding venue cost a little over a $1000 for 100 ppl, 4-hour slot, with dressing room. 
  • A friend is performing the ceremony for a case of beer and a hug.
  • We are doing an 'I do bbq' at a nearby park for the reception

A huge thank you to those generous brides who contributed with their wedding costings. We have many more real-life stories but let's get down to the nitty-gritty of how it's done. And if you'd like to help other brides with your real life under 5k wedding story please send us the details via our Real Weddings page contact form. 

real wedding less than $2000

NEW! Wedding Venues under 2k - Directory - FREE Listing

We want to create a resource for budget wedding couples to easily source hidden treasure wedding venues in their area. If you are a UK or US Wedding Venue Provider or a couple who knows of a wonderful venue for less than 2k, let us know via our contact form.  Meanwhile visit the FB group (this group is not mine) thread where couples are sharing their venues under 2k. This directory will be a while in the making!

How to bring your wedding venue and catering costs down to $2000 or less

  • Swap the hotel venue for a community hall
  • Swap professional caterers for self catering or hire a local food delivery service
  • Trim your guest list so your cost per head is less or so you can spend more per head!
  • Combine ceremony and reception venue, saving on venue, transport and decorations for two venues.

  • Your wedding venue can cost LESS than $2000 if you opt for a FREE Wedding Venue such as a garden, beach, park.

  • Have a late-in-the-day wedding ceremony followed directly by the reception saving on brunch, cocktail hour, and photography fees for a full day.

  • Have a bar and drinks arrangement where guests pay for their own drinks or 'bring a bottle'. 
  • Catering can be potluck, BBQ, Pig roast, grazing tables, 
  • Out of season, mid-week weddings can bring your wedding venue cost down by as much as 50%!

Any of these compromises will help you keep your venue and catering costs $2000 or below!

For a more detailed guide on how to make savings on your venue view our

How to bring your Photographer costs down to $750

Off-Peak, mid-week, 3-4hr booking, newly qualified, new business, special deals.

We have already covered some ways to save money on your wedding venue, and these same strategies may be applied to your photographer. A photographer can be hired for as few as 3-4 hours if the wedding is a late-day wedding, starting after 3 in the afternoon. They needn't stick around for the entire event if you hold the ceremony and reception closer together, later in the day. Photographers, like the venues, will lower their rates at slower times. A photographer who is either recently qualified or just starting out in the field may be willing to provide you with services at a lower price. 

On Facebook, I have found a number of professional photography deals that are within this price range. Check out their profiles and see if they are a good fit for you. Today on Fb a professional was offering his services FREE to build his portfolio. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers in your areaYou can of course opt not to have a professional photographer and hire a student, or rely on friends and family bringing the budget down greatly. The choice is entirely yours. 

Photo Album 4x6 600 Photos Black Pages Large Capacity Leather Cover Wedding Family Photo Albums Holds 600 Horizontal and Vertical Photos

Amazon Album 600 photos Under $25

Personally, for me, photos are one of the most important aspects so if you can spare more for a decent one, go for it.

How to bring your clothing costs to $750 or below

View our detailed Wedding Attire on a Budget Guide here for more details on how to make savings.

The wedding dress is typically the most expensive item when discussing wedding apparel, but this does not have to be the case. Many of the beautiful brides we've seen in Facebook wedding groups have purchased their gowns from nontraditional retailers including Amazon, preloved wedding dress websites, stillwhite, thrift stores, and more. A wedding dress that won't break the bank can be found for under $200.

The Grooms suit should be equally fabulous and can be purchased online, also via Amazon for less than $100 or hired.

For the couple's shoes, underwear, and other accessories, you can budget an extra $150.

Allot $300 for the outfits worn by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This amount might cover the cost of waist coats ( $30 each) for 2 Groomsmen and 4 dresses ( $60 each) as an example of how the budget can be spread out. It is though  customary today for the honour attendants and groomsmen to cover the cost of their own attire. You might pitch in or inquire if they are willing to cover the cost of this.

If you don't have to contribute to these costs you can spend more on your own outfits or add this saving to something else that is more important to you.

cheapest bridesmaid dresses

Select a detailed Guides on how to bring down your costs on:

Transport $100 - This covers fuel and parking and maybe a ribbon for the bonnet! Use your own or family cars instead of hiring transport. This is of course easier to do if your wedding is local to where you are staying and even more so if the ceremony and reception are in the same place.

How to bring hair, makeup and nails costs down to $150

Many brides want professional services and to be pampered on their wedding day but if you're on a tight budget and you like how you do your own makeup and have a good idea of how to style your own hair you can forgo the professional costs of stylist and makeup artists who are fairly expensive when hired for a wedding day.

Book your cut and color a few days before and pay your salon regular price so your hair is in the best shape. Splurge on a few extra cosmetics, a base that will withstand the lights, last all day and look good in your photos.

Amazon Under $30

And if this is still outside your budget as salon costs vary quite a bit have a look at hair extensions and messy bun attachments. With bare minimum of skill you can achieve a lovely result.

Amazon Messy Bun Under $15

And girl, do your own nails! Lots of YouTube tutorials on how to or do what I do, pay less than $10 for a wedding set on Amazon and stick them on for the day! They look just as good and last a week if you ditch the dishes. Read the reviews!

Amazon Nails under $10

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FREE Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Proposal Cards

Various color themed Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Proposal Card Templates that you can view, edit online, download and print yourself. Edit the colors to suit your own unique wedding colors or use the color themes we have provided.


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Wedding Timeline, Planning Guides & Checklists

Various color themed wedding planning guides with checklists that you can download and print out to add to your wedding planner binder. These are a great wedding organization tool to help you stay on track. Wedding planning timeline also included. 


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Wedding Invitation


These wedding invitation printables can be downloaded and printed. You add the details by hand so each invitation can be customized for each guest individually.


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Wedding Timeline, Planning Guides & Checklists

Featured here are a wide range of wedding planning checklists and tables that you can download and print for inclusion in your wedding planner binder.


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Free Wedding Venue Comparison Chart Printable

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