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My story

As a Zazzle Designer I have earned over $110,000 via Zazzle's Royalty and Affiliate Programs. I have done this by successfully selling products with my designs to happy customers all over the world. YOU can join Zazzle FREE TODAY and start referring MY products  and earn 15% on every sale made via your referral! Yes it is THAT easy.

I've been working with Zazzle designing my own products as well as promoting them for a few years now and I've amassed a huge collection of customizable, personalized gifts, accessories, home decor items,  and partyware including invitations. Around the globe wonderful Zazzle affiliates are contributing to my success by promoting my products via their websites and social media accounts. They earn 15% on every sale made via one of their shared links.

WAIT! This is NOT a get rich quick scheme

I'm not rich! I'm a divorced, single mom, working my butt off to pay the bills. It took a few years to earn $110,000. It was not an overnight success and has instead been an ongoing learning curve and a big investment in time. A lot of hours were put in before I saw any results. Eventually, my persistence and willingness to keep going and improve started to pay off, and now I am blessed to be able to earn a modest full-time income via Zazzle as a Designer and an affiliate.

If you have the time, patience and a willingness to learn there is no reason for you not to succeed the same as I have done. It won't happen overnight, but if you already have a blog or a website and an active social media account you're halfway there! You will get out of it what you put in. 

For me, the beauty of working from home, choosing my own hours and now benefiting from a passive income is like a dream come true. I can work from anywhere there is a wifi connection, minimal overheads and no need to concern myself with a boss, coworkers or complaints.  This isn't for everyone but for me it works, and it might work for you too.

GET STARTED TODAY - sign up to Zazzle and start sharing products to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, Friends, Family.

Why You Should Refer My Products and Earn 15%

1. My low royalty guarantees low prices and better value for your customers ensuring a greater incentive to hit that link!

I set a lower royalty for my products than you will earn as an affiliate for helping sell them! You make 15%, as the Designer I set my royalties as low as practical to ensure the best value for your customers.

2. My products sell and they sell well

HALF of my sales are 3rd Party referrals (items referred by affiliates). This means that around the world other people like you are making money every single day referring my products. I have earned over $110,000 with Zazzle selling and referring my own products.

3. If they don't buy my product but buy another Designers you still earn 15%

I am currently creating new, trending products with the lowest possible prices ensuring you as an affiliate can offer the best value to your audience. Meanwhile even if your audience does NOT buy my product, but buys something created by another Zazzle Designer YOU STILL EARN 15%! How great is that? You'll find all the details re how this works and why it works via Zazzle's affiliate handbook here and via their website.

4. I assist my affiliates by providing readymade banners to share on their blogs/website and social media pages.

I aim to help you by providing you fast access to some of the best value, low priced, modern and trending designs in my stores along with attractive banners for you to use with your campaigns and content sharing. 

My banners are eye catching and contain everything needed to let the customer know quickly and effectively what is on offer.

Zazzle do provide their own banners for many of their products via various niches. I want you to promote me however, so I will do everything I can to make this the more attractive option. But you are not obligated to do so. Promote whoever you like on the Zazzle platform. 

How To Become A Zazzle Affiliate

  1. Register as an affiliate with Zazzle Here
  2. Read Zazzle's terms and conditions carefully and familiarise yourself with what affiliate marketing is
  3. You may already have a website or blog or be keen to start a new one. Blogger allows you to create blogs just like this one for FREE and you're allowed to monetize them. This means you can also sign up to make money from Google Ads. 
  4. Social media accounts such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and others) are great sources for sharing content. Make sure you're also familiar with the rules regarding where and how to share 'affiliate links'. For more information view Zazzle's affiliate handbook.

Download Your FREE Zazzle Affiliate Banners for my Products and Collections

Terms: These banners may only be used in the promotion of my products as seen HERE. They may not be edited in anyway.

Gifts For Men

Pop along to my Gifts For Dads Page for great gifts that you can share with your audience for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday, Christmas, Retirement and more! Banners you can use on your websites and social media to promote products featured in this gifts for dads collection are available below. Don't forget to add your own Zazzle associate, affiliate referral ID. 

NOTE: you can only use LeahG banners to promote LeahG products.



CHRISTMAS Start your Christmas promotions no later than 3 months before the holiday, earlier is better to give the search engines a chance to find your content! View LeahG Christmas, Holidays cards, invitations and decorations HERE. Match the banner to the Product Collection!



You can use the following banners (with my collections and products only). 




Best Value Wedding stationery (many are part of collections) can view my favs here 

Banners to use with these collections:


New Best Value MUG Collection HERE