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How to throw an epic Disco Bachelorette Party

Everyone gets a say in the outcome, making this one of the prettiest bachelorette games ever. If you're planning on having a bachelorette party away from home, this is a fantastic game to play. The rules of the game are laid forth below.

Before you leave, have each of the ladies jot down an assignment they'd like to give the bachelorette. On the back of the paper, they can write sweet messages to the bachelorette or draw a picture.

Bachelorette must do all of the items on the list before the night is up.

Buying the bachelorette a nice present in advance of the celebration and giving it to her if she wins the game is a cute idea.​


The invitations should be sent out at least two weeks in advance.


There should be a buffer of around two hours for the celebration.

Keep in mind the dietary needs of your guests when choosing a time for the celebration. If the celebration starts at noon, for instance, visitors will likely expect to be fed lunch. Keep your guests' enthusiasm in mind as well. A child's birthday party is usually best held in the afternoon. Gatherings of teenagers tend to take place in the evening.

Establishing a cutoff time for the festivities helps organise everyone's plans.


The mood of the gathering will depend largely on this initial choice you make. Larger crowds can normally be accommodated during outdoor celebrations, though this does depend on the weather. Holding a party inside can be more intimate, but it can also cause more wear and tear on your home. If it's possible, hosting the party in an unconventional setting, like a park, might increase the event's overall charm.

Information Regarding Your Reservations

Set a deadline for when you hope to hear back from them.

Indicate whether a full meal will be provided or if desserts will only consist of cake and ice cream.

Ask the parents if they plan on attending the party (this will affect the number of parent volunteers and the amount of food you order) and if any of the children will need special accommodations due to medical conditions like asthma or food allergies when they contact you in preparation for a child's birthday party.

If you are having a teen party and your guests plan on bringing their friends whom you do not know, it is polite to call the parents ahead of time to identify yourself as the host and reassure them that you will be accessible to answer any questions or address any issues they may have. It's a great time to ask the parents if it's okay to include their teen in the party's invitations and online planning. If you don't get a chance to talk to the parents before the party, be sure to phone the parents of the new friends' children afterward and express your gratitude that their child was able to attend.

Guests: Assigning Sherpas, Teams, and Exploration Groups

Both the party's setting and the personality of the honoree will have an impact on who gets invited. A Scavenger Hunt party can have as few as a few people or as many as a few hundred people.


If you want the scavenger hunt to go smoothly, it would be best if other people helped you organise it. I prefer to refer to people like these as "Sherpas." (The name derives from the locals of the Himalayas who work as guides for hikers and mountaineers from other countries.)


Teams compete in the Scavenger Hunt and other party games. Assign each guest to a team that you've previously formed. A Sherpa is an indispensable member of any squad. My advice is to form separate groups for each Sherpa. More Sherpas than teams may be assembled.

Visitors as Explorers

The attendees will dress up as explorers for the occasion. Make sure everyone of your guests have a place to play. Obviously, you should try to balance out the quantity of visitors in each group.

There should be no more than 10 Guest Explorers in a group.

Four: Talks Before the Event

Using the communication options provided by, the host can educate the attendees about the Scavenger Hunt and build anticipation among them.

Affect Invites

Guests can be invited either digitally (through email) or physically (with paper invitations). Guests will appreciate having immediate access to your pre-game webpage if you send the invitation via email. Important data, such as the guest's login information for the pre-game site, are included on the printed invitation.

Invitees can "Accept," "Decline," and share thoughts on the event in advance by visiting a dedicated website linked in the email. Visit the pre-party site to see who has RSVP'd and what they have to say about the event.

Communicate Pre-Game Hints

Pre-game clues are available for some Scavenger Hunts. When these hints are sent depends entirely on you.

The pre-game clues to the Scavenger Hunt contain no party-essential information, so if a visitor is unable to access them, it shouldn't ruin the fun for the rest of the group. If any of your guests won't be able to access the website for whatever reason, you may want to send them paper invites, pre-game clues, and instructions.

Provide the Sherpas with Game Materials

Send the party's Sherpas advance instructions and game supplies so they can get ready for the big day. Having this discussion ahead of time can help them feel prepared for their roles on the day of the celebration.

Once you've designated an assistant for one of the Sherpa jobs, the site will promptly relay your explicit directives to them.

Just shoot off some more emails, okay?

Scavenger Hunt excitement can be amplified by sending out additional messages before the big day. Using this feature, you can easily send out mass emails to all of your visitors that contain clickable links to the pre- or post-game site.

Preparing the Party: The Atmosphere, the Food, the Memories, and the Fun!

There isn't a tonne of work involved in throwing a great Scavenger Hunt party, and the host may make the atmosphere as fancy or casual as they like. Keep in mind that, just as a pre-party website can assist to develop enthusiasm for the guests, so too can the guest of honor's participation in the party's planning help to build excitement. If at all feasible, involve the guest of honour in making decisions and helping with the decorations and other preparations (such as stuffing treat bags.)


The majority of Scavenger Hunts are based on predetermined themes that are both enjoyable to decorate for and simple to implement. Balloons and streamers are always popular additions to a party, no matter the theme.

It's possible to set the mood with some music or sound effects. Most sizable libraries will house a music section where patrons can listen to a variety of anthems, background scores, and sound effects. In some Scavenger Hunts, you can get a soundtrack or sound effects that you can download.

It's possible you'll want to remove or cover up any dated decorations at the party site.


While I think it's great to incorporate the party's theme into the cuisine, I've learned that parties aren't the ideal place to introduce a wide variety of new or odd meals. Our dishes are meant to be easy to prepare, perfect for snacking, and nutritious.

Creating Indelible Impression

It's a good idea to think about asking a friend or acquaintance to document the event through photography. Think about asking a parent who has already confirmed they would be there at the celebration. These images can be shared with everyone after the celebration on the website that was created just for that purpose. In this way, you can relax and focus on making sure the celebration goes smoothly. Instruct the volunteer photographer to shoot both posed and candid shots, and to make sure that everyone who attended is represented in the photos.

Make sure the 'official' camera at the party has fully charged batteries, a fully charged flash, and lots of free space on the memory card (or, that you have plenty of film to cover the entire party.) Make sure the volunteer photographer knows how to use your camera before the visitors arrive if you plan on lending it to them.

Number Six: The Host

Scavenger Hunt get-togethers are intended to be simple and easy to understand. The games will all follow the same general structure, although the themes and mechanics will change frequently. It should serve as a rough guide to what will happen at the celebration.

Arrival of Guests

You should welcome each attendee and instruct the guest of honour to do the same. Name tags and group identifiers should be given to each attendee (this will be different for each game.)

Guests should be steered in the direction of a pre-party activity. Activities like this can be used as icebreakers, and in many Scavenger Hunt games, visitors will actually be manufacturing goods that they'll need later on.

In order to ensure that each visitor has a memorable experience, the Sherpas work with them to determine which activities will best suit their needs. They pitch in when aid is needed, make sure all visitors have finished the "required" craft for the Scavenger Hunt, and keep track of who made what and where it is stored in the goodie bags. Every guest will have a good time since the Sherpas will make sure of it.

Carnival Games

To start the games, you will call everyone's attention and point them in the right direction. There's a good chance that these contests will go ahead with the designated teams. During the game, their Sherpas will aid organise the team.

treasure hunt

Everyone's been waiting for this, and now it's finally here! In this next scene, the visitors form teams. Everything the Sherpas need to help the squad in its search for the wealth will have been provided to them before the party.

There are two main sorts of Scavenger Hunts:

Using a Checklist to Play a Scavenger Hunt

Each group has an own list of items they need to acquire.

There are many types of collections, but some common examples are:

Objects with a common theme stashed away in a predetermined spot

substances in the search area that have not been planted

images of the crew in action at numerous locations and with a wide range of daring exploits

informational building blocks required to solve a complex problem

The instructions may state that the group must use the items they have gathered to accomplish the mission.

An allotted amount of time has been set up for this hunt. When the search is complete, the teams will report back to the host with any and all findings. Each group's prize package will reflect the items they were able to amass (based on creativity, who collected the most, etc.)

The Great Puzzle Hunt

There are twelve hints for each group. A common set of clues is distributed to all teams, although they are arranged differently for each group. Some of the hints are riddles, some are puzzles, and yet others are collaborative tasks. When a team solves a clue, the Sherpa will lead them to the next destination. The teams are going to the same places, but in reverse order, and there is generally something that must be taken from each place before the team may move on. At the end point, the treasure is unearthed.

The winning team in a Puzzle Scavenger Hunt receives a unique reward, while the other teams receive runner-up prizes.

The After-Party Revelry

With Host-post-party's website, the host and guests can share their favourite photos and memories from the Scavenger Hunt. It's an excellent method for recalling the good times had by all. After the event has concluded, visitors can access this site.

Furthermore, the after-party website provides the opportunity to:

Post your thoughts on the Scavenger Hunt here!

Help us make this site better by providing feedback.

Do you have an idea for a new Scavenger Hunt that you would like to share?

Construct a Host S is where this article was sourced from.

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Disco Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Disco bachelorette party games are a fun and memorable way for guests to be entertained during the party. Below are some disco bachelorette party game ideas you might like!

Who am I?: get each guest to guess who they think is being described.

Memory game: get each guest to write down something about themselves on a piece of paper. Fold up their paper and put it in a bowl or box with all the other papers (some of which contain clues). One by one, go around the circle and ask what is on your paper. If someone has your paper, they have to tell you what's on theirs. When someone gets one correct match out of three tries, they become 'It' and can remove two pieces from the container before asking another guest what's on their paper.

disco bachelorette game ideas

DARE CARDS - Fun and easy to play. A sure way to get the bachelorette party started with lots of fun and laughter! Hand out and scratch off to reveal each dare. Just fun and nothing too risqué.

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disco bachelorette party games

Scavenger Hunt: You and your friends are going to have a blast trying to complete the tasks on this fun scavenger hunt!

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disco bachelorette photo booth

For Your Future Mrs: bring all the Bride Vibes to your party with these too-cute props featuring designs of diamond sunnies, sparkly bottles, sassy ring fingers, tiaras + more!

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Spin the bottle: spin a bottle and if it points to a person, that person has to answer a question. The questions should be somewhat PG rated so that everyone can participate without feeling uncomfortable. If you have any not-so-PG-rated questions, save them for another time!

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Disco Bachelorette Party Costumes

The best thing about throwing a disco bachelorette is that you're not limited by traditional party themes. If you want to wear cowboy hats, dance around in the street, and act crazy then do it! There's no need for a specific dress code other than your outfits should be fun and over-the-top. As long as you’re having a great time then everyone else will have a blast too!

If you are still undecided on what your look will be, don't worry; this theme offers unlimited possibilities. For example: the bride could wear cowgirl boots with jeans and leather vest, or maybe she'll rock her white wedding gown with rhinestones for some added glamour. All of these costumes can be accessorized with disco balls, feathers and flowers if desired.

In regards to hairstyles and make-up, there are also many options available including boa feathers worn in hair or sparkling make-up tones. But honestly anything goes when it comes to Disco Bachelorette Parties so experiment with different ideas until you find one that suits you!

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disco bachelorette party costumes
disco bachelorette costumes

What Music to play at a Disco Bachelorette Party?

Music is a huge part of the bachelorette party and I can't stress this enough. The DJ or Band should be able to play a great mix of music for all generations. Remember, not everyone is going to know every song, so you need something for everyone. Mix it up with some old-school classics and newer hits. The best part about having a disco bachelorette party is that you can have as many fun games as you want.

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