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Budget Beach Themed Wedding Stationery 

SALE - up to 60% off with code BLKFRISAVING ends 26th Nov.

beach themed wedding invitations budget

*Invitations from $/£0.61

Fresh and modern are the key ingredients of this beach themed wedding collection designed by Gold Pro Zazzle Designer LeahG on behalf of the  Low Budget Wedding Network. 

Featuring watercolor aquamarine blue and a subtle lime green, the colors compliment each other beautifully and will suit any beach wedding where the colors fit the landscape, beach and ocean theme. 

Graphics are of the very popular Starfish and on some items you'll see a super cute Octopus! 

The text layouts for invitations offer a few options to suit individual tastes and all include text template fields on both sides so you can make further savings by adding rsvp, gift registry, reception, directions etc. without the need for additional pieces of paper/card. Great for the environment too!

The budget invitations are slightly smaller than A6 and do not include envelopes, hence their bargain price. You can however buy envelopes cheaply and easily via Amazon (or other suppliers).

We do offer regular sized 5x7 invitations in this collection which include envelopes. There is a price jump however. Check the current sales to see which option offers the best value for you.