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Bridal Party and Groomsman Gift Ideas

DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes 

by Jemma

Our Wedding Group Member Jemma has provided a wonderful detailed guide re how she put together her Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes. Details via the group HERE. In Jemma's own words: "Just in case anyone’s looking for a cheaper idea for morning of boxes for the bridal party or bridal party proposal boxes this is what we came up with for our bridal party to open on the wedding morning. I really wanted those magnetic personalised boxes to put our bridal party gifts in for the day of the wedding, but I couldn’t justify $20+ a box just for packaging. So I looked for a more affordable options.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes DIY

I ended up purchasing these white boxes from AliExpress for $37 for 10. I picked the largest size which is like a large shoebox but not quite as deep. They easily fit the robe, jewellery, custom glass and other small gifts in. Took approximately 3 and half weeks to arrive in regional QLD so do order in advance. Then I just printed the labels at home on my printer and glued them on. Worked out to under $4 each for the box and I was able to use the same fonts and details as in my wedding stationary and all the other signs and stuff for the wedding day so it ties in.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes DIY
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes DIY

Then I just filled them with everything they need for the day including custom glasses (big w then a friend with a Cricut added the names) girls jewellery, girls personalised robes, boys socks etc. I purchased robes on Ali Express ($12 each, personalised at local embroidery shop when they arrived) hair pieces and personalised initial bracelet from Ali as well.

 Grooms men’s gifts from Etsy and socks from local Big W. Hope this helps someone 🙂

Create Your Own DIY Bridesmaid/Groomsman Proposal Boxes via Amazon

Custom Artisan Gifts from Zazzle

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Unique Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal 

Exploding Box from Amazon $13.90 

unique bridesmaid proposal gift idea


Personalized Exploding Box

I love this idea! It may be a bit time consuming but that's what make it even more special for your Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Mother of Bride and Groom. You assemble the exploding gift box yourself (see video) and then decorate with photos, doodles, scribblings, stickers and more. This is a gift that will be treasured and can really be used to tell the story of your love, friendship and relationship with your special Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor etc. My daughter bought one of these as an 18th birthday gift for her friend and it took her around 2-3 hrs to assemble the box and decorate. She did a stunning job and now I want one for Mother's Day! I have to rate this gift idea 10/10 in terms of sentimental personalized gifts. Meanwhile if you want to have a go at making your own version of this exploding box view the DIY tutorial attached.

Make your own with this DIY Exploding Box Tutorial

Maid of Honor Gifts

Wedding planning should be fun and who better to help you on that wedding planning journey than your bestie, sister or whomever you have chosen to be your Maid of Honor. You can 'propose' to your Maid of Honor with a card, a personalized gift, a box full of goodies. Some bake a cake ... whatever you decide make it original and symbolic of your relationship or friendship with your maid of honor. For a greater range of Maid of Honor gifts visit our Amazon page.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Choosing your bridesmaids is every bit as important as choosing your maid of honor. These are your girls! Best friends, family members, sister of the groom-to-be are popular bridesmaid choices, along with your own daughters and nieces. You can 'propose' to your bridesmaids with a card, a personalized gift, a box full of goodies. Whatever you decide make it original and symbolic of your relationship or friendship with your bridesmaid. 

Groomsman Gifts

Bachelor/ette Gifts