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Top 3 Providers of Budget Wedding Invitations 2023

The views expressed here are our own. We are affiliate partners of a number of wedding invitation providers and here we feature our top 3 based on their quality and value for money. Lowest prices are via Zazzle from just 0.28, followed by ETSY from 0.45 then Minted which while not the cheapest has many offers including free wedding website, free samples kit and additional services that makes it great value for money.

Choosing Budget Wedding Invitations in 2023

Wedding invitations are one of the most important details of your wedding day. They set the tone for your big day and give your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come. Your wedding invitation should be a reflection of your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. The wedding invitation should include all the essential information about the wedding, such as the date, time, and location. It is also a good idea to include an RSVP card so that your guests can let you know if they will be able to attend. Whether you’re planning a formal affair or a laid-back celebration, there are endless possibilities for your wedding invitations.

DIY print your own wedding invitations



You can purchase access to wedding invitation templates on websites such as Etsy, which you can then edit using technology that is available online for FREE. Canva is a site that is widely used for the creation of templates because it is free to use, has a large library of wedding templates, graphics, and editing tools, and enables users to produce something that is truly one of a kind. Register for your FREE Canva account today so you can begin accessing their tools and services.

Cheapest Wedding Invitations online 

Budget Flyer Wedding Invitations $0.28 / £0.28 from Zazzle Leading Print-on-Demand Provider

SHOP $0.28

SHOP $0.28

SHOP $0.28

SHOP $0.28

In my role as founder of The Low Budget Wedding Network®, I'm always on the lookout for novel and inventive ways to help engaged couples cut costs on the paper goods, decorations, and presents associated with their big day. Because of this, I've devised some creative solutions to keep the cost of your wedding invitations down while maintaining the same level of high-quality design and printing. With discounts and sales, you can get my flyer invitations for as little as $0.28 or £0.28. You can get quality printing for a low price with these cheap, budget inexpensive flyer invites. There are no envelopes included, and they are a light paper stock (like regular flyers you get through your door). Whether you shop in-store, online, or at a stationery supply store, you'll find that envelopes are easy to find and budget friendly. Check out our reviews here.

PHOTO Budget Wedding Invitations 0.35 or less
Budget GREENERY Wedding Invitations 0.35 or less
Red Roses Forest Green Gold Wedding Set
Forest Green and White Roses Wedding Set
Timeless Purple Wisteria Wedding Suite

Zazzle Budget Wedding Invitation Reviews and Testimonials

SHOP Budget Wedding Invitations 

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Budget Prices from less than $1 / £1 via Amazon and PickyBride

50 Sets Tri fold Love Hollow Laser cut Pocket Wedding Invite Invitation Card Jacket (Black, Only Invitation cover) perfect for a Gothic, Halloween themed wedding.

Less than $1 each.

( no inner paper & no envelopes)

SHOP Amazon

25 or 50 Set Luxury Pocket Wedding Invitations by Picky Bride, European-style Upgraded 5 x 7” Invitation Cards for Wedding / Bridal Shower / Gold Envelope Included 127 x 185mm, 5 x 7. 

Approx $1.60 or less

SHOP Amazon

Picky Bride 50 Pcs Rustic Laser Cut Lace Wedding Invitations Kits, 5" x 7.3", Rustic Kraft Blank Invitations for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Engagement invite. 

Approx $1.38

SHOP Amazon

Adas Bridal 50Pcs Glitter Floral Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Cards with Envelope Blank Inner Sheet and Ribbon for Wedding Engagement Bridal Shower Party Invite(7.09 X 4.92inch, Rose Gold)

Approx $1.20

SHOP Amazon

PickyBride is the place to shop for laser-cut wedding invtiations. Pickybride also has a shop on Amazon (if you prefer to shop via them). Laser-cut invitations have a lace-like appeal and they could be the invitation for you if you're looking for something elaborate and unique to send to your guests for your wedding. Some of them offer customization, while others let you print out your own inserts to go along with the laser-cut casing that has already been made for you. View our hand-curated list for a wide range of laser-cut wedding invitation themes including gothic black, red, purple, champagne, white, purple, rustic kraft, and more. Add a ribbon, a pearl detail and you will create something very beautiful and memorable.

Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic invitations are usually simple and elegant, with a clean and classic font. They typically don’t have a lot of embellishments or extra details, but they can sometimes have a small monogram or logo. Classic invitations are great for couples who want timeless and elegant wedding invitations. If you’re unsure what style of invitation to choose, classic invitations are always a safe bet. Classic invitations are typically more formal and traditional and feature elegant and timeless designs.

Classic PHOTO QRCODE Wedding Invites from 0.30


Photo overlay wedding invitations and save the dates are very popular. Couples can now add their engagement photos to the back (makes a great keepsake as this picture can be framed) or to the front in place of graphic design elements. Our budget photo wedding invitations are from 0.28.

MIX'n'Match Rose Pink Moss Green Fall Wedding SET


Monochrome invitations with gold typography or plain black/white are ideal for the modern couple who like simple, minimalist and contemporary wedding invitation design. We have a wide selection of monochrome invitations in all colors and you can add your own background color as desired to match your wedding theme.

Greenery Wedding Invites PHOTO & QR Code from 0.30


Eucalyptus leaves and other greenery and foliage are popular choices for weddings and as such are the perfect choice when illustrated in watercolors on wedding invitations and save the dates. We have a whole store dedicated to greenery themed invitations, you can visit it here.

Budget Rustic Wedding Invitations

There are a variety of rustic invitations to choose from when planning a wedding. The most popular rustic invitations are made of natural wood, burlap, and lace. These invitations have a classic, greenery, and timeless look that is perfect for a rustic wedding. Other popular rustic invitations include Mason jars, barn wood, and antlers. Whatever trifold style of rustic invitation you choose, it is sure to set the tone for your rustic wedding.

budget rustic wood lace gypsophila  wedding invitations


Invite your guests to a rustic country, barn, or woodland themed wedding by sending them rustic wedding invites. There are numerous alternatives for budget rustic wedding invitations, and we offer a variety of layouts to choose from. Rustic wood backdrop, strings of lights, a wooden love heart, mason jars with Gypsophila (baby's breath) and lace border are some of the elements in this design Wedding invitations for as little as $0.35!

budget rustic sunflowers wedding invitations


Rustic Sunflowers themed wedding invitations are the ideal method to inform your guests that your wedding will be rustic rural, barn forest themed. These rustic invites come in a variety of layouts, and we have several inexpensive budget rustic Sunflower wedding invitation options. Budget  Sunflower floral wedding invitations start at $0.35.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Invitation: Floral wedding invitations are a beautiful way to set the tone for your wedding day. They can be simple and elegant or more ornate and detailed. No matter what your style, there is a floral wedding invitation to suit your needs.

Fresh Fall Floral Wedding and Events
Rustic Sunflowers Ampersand Arch Wedding Suite
Gisele Rustic Black Terracotta Sage Green Wedding

C​omparing Budget Wedding Invitation Brands

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When it comes to wedding invitation online shops, there are many factors to consider before making your purchase. Price is definitely one of the most important factors, but it’s also important to consider the quality of the invitations, the level of customer service, and the turnaround time. To help you make the best decision for your wedding invitations, here is a list of wedding invitation online shops and their prices and services:

Zazzle Budget Wedding Invitations

Zazzle offers a variety of wedding invitation designs and styles to choose from, as well as a variety of price points depending on the design, quantity, and paper type.

Minted Budget Wedding Invitations

For beautiful, modern wedding invitations, minted is a great option, starting at $1.60 per card. They offer a wide range of design options as well as add-ons like addressing, envelope liners, and guest booklets. You can even order a free sample kit to see the quality of their paper and printing.

Etsy Budget Wedding Invitations

Etsy is a great option for couples looking for unique and handmade wedding invitations. Prices for invitations on Etsy vary depending on the seller and the materials used, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per invitation. Services offered by Etsy sellers include custom design, printing, and assembly.

Amazon Budget Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, Amazon offers a variety of prices and services to choose from. For those on a budget, there are a number of options under $25. For those looking for a more premium experience, there are also a number of options that offer premium services, such as invitations with matching envelopes and RSVP cards. Amazon also offers a variety of shipping options, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Digital Online Invitations - Evites 

There are a number of advantages to sending out wedding invitations electronically. The first is the financial aspect. Typically, there is no cost associated with sending out digital invitations. You can still save money by using paper invitations (as we noted above with our own range of budget flyer wedding invitations) in addition to sending out electronic invitations. Many engaged couples only opt to send out digital online invitations and evites for select pieces of stationery, such as save the dates, information cards, and RSVP cards. Your money is better spent on paper/posted day-of stationery. A benefit of online invitations is the reduction in waste. There has been a rise in the popularity of online wedding invitations and planning websites because these alternatives to traditional stationery are increasingly chic, design-driven, and modern. You can still get the calligraphic flourishes you want, tor the country charm you crave. From an etiquette standpoint, sending a digital invitation is now perfectly fine. E-invitations are appropriate for most modern weddings and among the vast majority of your friends and family, but they may not be suitable for a formal wedding or for one where the guests favor the sentimental aspect of paper wedding invitations, preferring to keep them as a memento of the day. 

How to make your own online wedding invitations

If you are more of a beginner when it comes to design, websites such as Canva offer a large number of free templates that can be customized to meet your needs. Once you have created a wedding invitation using their editing tools you can save and download as PMG or JPG file to forward to your invited guests via email or text.

Budget Wedding Invitation Buying Guide

Our printed budget wedding invitations, save the dates, and RSVP cards are among the cheapest options (if not the cheapest option) currently offered anywhere online. If you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, we can help. You can purchase our LOW-BUDGET wedding invitations from Zazzle, the market-leading online retailer that offers a 30day money back guarantee.

5 Wedding Invitation Money Saving Tips

  1. Choose the invitations you want to use and order them at least six months in advance. Putting off ordering invitations until the last minute can be stressful, especially when you consider the possibility that your guests will be unable to respond in time. 

  2. Always order a few extras in case you decide to invite more guests or if some of your guests are unable to attend and you decide to invite others; this will save you money and time later.

  3. Save money on RSVPs and postage by requesting responses via email or phone. If you have a wedding website, you can generate a free qr scanning code for the RSVP page, which guests can use to respond.

  4. If possible, order matching welcome signs, table cards, and seating charts from the same vendor to match the theme and tie everything together nicely.

  5. Make sure to proofread thoroughly before placing your order, as errors cannot be corrected without incurring additional fees.

  6. You will also need to confirm attendance numbers for caterers and venue providers.

budget wedding invitations


Trending Budget Wedding Invitations from 0.28

In 2023 or 2024, you can expect a wider range of florals, geometric abstract graphics, dusty color combinations as well as barely there minimalist and simple themes. There is something to suit every aesthetic and color palette. Nature and earthy colors feature heavily as terracotta and various green shades continue to trend including Emerald, Sage and Juniper green. Mustard yellow may make an appearance for bolder couples who want to mix things up as this pairs beautifully with the rustic colors of fall and of course is wonderful with a Sunflower rustic theme.

5 Reasons Why Printed Wedding Invitations are more popular than digital

  1. Guests who receive a printed wedding invitation know how much effort was put into planning. Calling, using social media, texting, or emailing is cheap, but it lacks sentimentality and effort. Sending printed invitations shows how much this celebration means to you, whether you made them yourself, ordered them online, or bought them locally. If you want to save on postage, hand invitations to guests at family gatherings, work, or friend outings.
  2. Printed wedding invitations are more intimate and personal than digital ones. Sentimental guests keep wedding invitations as a memento. They may be scrapbookers or want to frame or store the invitation with wedding photos.
  3. Guests can easily reference printed wedding invitations for date, location, and RSVP information.
  4. Guests can pin the printed invitation to a notice board to serve as a daily reminder.
  5. Printed invitations let guests know the wedding's theme, style, and colors.

Featured Budget Wedding Invitation Themes

Check out our modern trending budget wedding invitations as featured via Etsy and Zazzle. Prices are as low as 0.28 each! Discover cheap, inexpensive invitations across a range of leading brand wedding invitation suppliers such as Vistaprint, Minted, Amazon and others via our price comparison guide. Elegant budget invitations from global brands in a range of themes including classic, rustic, boho, photo, monochrome, floral, gothic, vintage, greenery and more.


Classic PHOTO QRCODE Wedding Invites from 0.30

Photo overlay wedding invitations and save the dates are very popular. Couples can now add their engagement photos to the back (makes a great keepsake as this picture can be framed) or to the front in place of graphic design elements. Our budget photo wedding invitations are from 0.28.


Greenery Wedding Invites PHOTO & QR Code from 0.30

Eucalyptus leaves and other greenery and foliage are popular choices for weddings and as such are the perfect choice when illustrated in watercolors on wedding invitations and save the dates. We have a whole store dedicated to greenery themed invitations, you can visit it here.


MIX'n'Match Rose Pink Moss Green Fall Wedding SET

Monochrome invitations with gold typography or plain black/white are ideal for the modern couple who like simple, minimalist and contemporary wedding invitation design. We have a wide selection of monochrome invitations in all colors and you can add your own background color as desired to match your wedding theme.


Rustic Sunflowers Ampersand Arch Wedding Suite

Rustic Chic and Barn Chic weddings are increasingly popular especially for budget brides and grooms. We have a wide range of budget invitations and cheap save the dates with wood look backgrounds, carved wooden hearts (add your initials), those with lace borders, Sunflowers , Wisteria Hydrangea and other popular flowers.


Alcohol Ink Mixed

Alcohol ink art wedding invitations are rising in popularity as more people become familiar with this beautiful modern abstract art form. We have a wonderful selection featuring all color combinations, with accents of gold. 


Seating Chart & Photo Wall Art Selection by LeahG

While checking out our low budget affordable wedding invitations why not have a look at our matching wedding seating charts.  We have a wide range for table numbers of 6 to 25. You can also adjust the designs yourself to increase or decrease table number as desired. 


Blushing Pink Rose Gold Glitter Wedding Set

Rosegold is a very popular choice among brides who love a bit of glamor and it pairs beautifully with many other colors including midnight and navy blue. Our selection of budget rose gold invitations gives that added bit of bling.


From 0.30 Sunflowers and Olive Leaves Wedding Set

Sunflowers are the flower of choice for rustic Summer weddings as many brides and grooms love the warmth of the color yellow and affordability of this beautiful flower for their wedding bouquets and decorations. We have a vast range of budget Sunflower themed wedding invitations from 0.28.


Featured Pampas Grass Budget Wedding Invitations

Terracotta Pampas Grass Wedding Suite from 0.28

budget pampas grass wedding invitations

These modern budget wedding invitations were inspired by Pampas Grass in watercolor sage, emerald, juniper green, and terracotta colors. There are numerous layouts and typefaces available. Terracotta and emerald green wedding invitations are ideal. The most affordable wedding invitations cost only $0.28 when ordering 100. These are perfect for tropical, beach, and destination weddings as well as boho weddings with a rustic flavor.

Our budget wedding invitations are available in a range of sizes, paper types and cardstock. All the details are on the product page. To learn about the different paper types and what is best value read my handy guide here. All of my invitation designs include a low budget range so couples can enjoy great design at low prices. Prices start from $0.28 (worldwide shipping).

Budget wedding invitations

How to make your own DIY handmade wedding invitations

Handmade wedding invitations are becoming increasingly popular because they are less expensive and add a nice personal touch to your very special day. To make the process a little easier, consider using a design program and attractive stationery. Remember to plan on making extra invitations in case of errors, and give yourself plenty of time to prepare them.

DIY wedding invites are a lot of fun to make and save money in the long run. Making your own invitations are almost always cheaper than buying them premade or having them made online. But not always! Factor in the cost of the paper or card, the ink, any embellishments, glue or equipment you may want such as stamps or a glue gun, envelopes and of course postage costs remain. You may find our invitations from 0.28 a cheaper and better value option.

Once you have your heart set on handmade wedding invitations, gather your materials and get started!

You could make this a group activity and get the whole family involved. The use of specialized equipment is not required in order to create stunning invitations. A good pair of scissors, a few different kinds of paper, a paper-cutter, adhesive, maybe some ribbon, and a dash of imagination are all you need to make beautiful paper crafts. Lots of tutorials are available online and images via Pinterest if you're short of inspiration.

Before you get started, consider the theme of your wedding? The theme of the wedding determines the design of the wedding invitations and save the dates. First decide on a color scheme. Choosing the right color scheme is crucial to the success of your invitation. Next pick a style or a look that suits you. Do you want multiple layers, a ribbon, or a see-through text sheet. You should also choose between a vertical, horizontal, or folded card layout. 

Layering your design extensively is a great option for a vertical layout. It also looks lovely with a ribbon tied around the top or running down the center. Try shifting your text sheet to the right and adding a printed paper strip to the left for a horizontal layout. A beautiful visual equilibrium is achieved between the offset text and the print sheet. An invitation in the form of a card is a classic and stylish choice for any celebration. You can embellish the cover in a variety of ways, such as by layering different papers, adding a ribbon, or using punches to create a decorative eyelet trimmed edge. It's open season on possibilities!

Before choosing the papers you will use, sit down and sketch out the wedding invitation's design, either as you envision it or as you imagine it should look. If you have a general idea of how the finished product will look, selecting papers at the store will be much simpler. You can even make multiple sketches and choose which design you like best when it comes time to select the papers. Don't limit yourself by thinking too narrowly; instead, explore various resources like the internet, books, and magazines.

After deciding on the look and feel of your invitation, it's time to select the papers you'll use to put it together. After settling on a color scheme, it's time to select the papers you'll be using. After settling on a palette, all that's left to do is track down the appropriate inks and paper. Papers in the standard scrapbooking sizes of 8-1/2 by 11 inches and 12 by 12 inches can be found in almost any craft or scrapbooking shop, or even online. Keep an eye out for discounted scrapbooking supplies. If you find one, buy up all you can so you have plenty of paper on hand the next time you need invitations.

First decide on the type of paper you want to use if it will have any kind of pattern or print on it. Within that design, you'll be able to select the other invitation cardstock colors. Layers look great, so go ahead and pick out sheets in a few different colors. To find out what works best with your pattern and the invitation style you've chosen, you can try a variety of lighter and darker shades. The text sheet, typically white or cream cardstock but also a light shade of a color that is readable when printed with black ink, should not be forgotten. Translucent paper can serve either as an overlay or as the text sheet on your invitation.

After selecting the papers, you must decide if you want to add any embellishments to your invitation. Metal brads, stones, ribbons, stickers, and more all fall into the category of embellishments. A wedding invitation may look great without any extra touches, but you may still feel like something is missing. If you decide to use a ribbon, it should be a complementary shade to the main design elements. Use a ribbon or some metal brads to fasten the translucent sheet to the rest of the papers.

In order to quickly and easily compose the text or wording for your wedding invitation, using a computer program is a great help. You could also add a beautiful, but time-consuming, personal touch by hand-writing each invitation with calligraphy. When printing from a computer, you'll need to choose between a landscape or portrait orientation. 

Consider whether you want your invitation to get right to the point, or whether you'd also like to include a fun saying or quote. Don't forget to include a "respond to" or RSVP name and phone number and/or email, as well as the wedding date, time, and location. Try to make the text visually appealing. Choose fonts that complement the event's theme and aesthetic. A large, round font works well on invitations for children when combined with colorful patterned paper, while a beautiful cursive font complements the classic style of a bridal shower invitation. Using two different fonts also creates a beautiful effect. Ensure a nice flow from one font to the next. You can try alternating between a print font for the body text and a cursive font for the name or event.

After the text has been written, a trial print should be done. Before using your premium cardstock, try printing a test copy on some cheap printer paper. Once everything has been double-checked, print all of the text sheets at once.

Next, you'll want to trim all of your papers to the appropriate dimensions for your invitation. When one sheet of cardstock measuring 8 1/2 by 11 inches is folded in half, the resulting overall size is perfect for most invitations, measuring in at 5-1/2 inches by 8 inches. Keep in mind that every full sheet of paper can be folded in half to create two invitations. There may be reveals or margins between the layers of your invitation, depending on the design. The proportions of an invitation are very important. The optimal reveal size is between 14" and 38". A half-inch reveal can be the perfect finishing touch.

Construct a sample invitation in its entirety before trimming the papers to size to ensure everything turns out as expected. You can make minor adjustments to the sizes on a single sheet much more quickly than on multiple sheets. It's best to trim all your papers to size before putting them together, so you can be sure each layer is the right proportions. Because of this, putting everything together takes a lot less time.

Make sure you use good glue to put together your invitations. A glue stick, glue roller, or permanent mounting squares are all good options. The mounting squares are useful because they can be moved around for a limited time and come in two different colors (white and clear). Due to its transparency, clear tape is ideal for adhering to translucent paper.

Remember to maintain symmetry between all layers and reveals. Make sure you don't slack off. Now is the time to attach any decorative elements, such as ribbons or embellishments. If you're going to tie a bow, make sure it's neat and tidy. You can find guides and tutorials on how to tie the perfect bow on the internet.

You should now distribute your homemade invitations. 

Zazzle Budget Wedding Invitation Reviews

Designs by LeahG

These are a few of our most recent reviews for budget priced wedding invitations that can be found on Zazzle, a leading print on demand provider.

View more of our Reviews via Zazzle HERE

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