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How to throw an epic Disco Bachelorette Party

Life as we know it is about to change. In a few short months, one of your closest friends will be saying I do. When the bride-to-be becomes a bride, she deserves a party with unique twists and themes that echo her inner essence and personality. And a bachelorette party should be no exception. So whether you're looking for some tips on how to decorate or what to buy - or just want to play some fun games - this disco bachelorette party guide has got you covered!

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how to throw a disco bachelorette party

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What venue is best for a Disco Bachelorette Party

how to throw a disco bachelorette party

The best place to throw a disco bachelorette party is at a roller disco, the bride-to-be's house or in her favorite bar. Games can include Pin the Tux on the Groom, Strip Poker or Truth or Dare. There's no need for strippers, but you could always have a live band for dancing. The food should be finger foods and appetizers, with plenty of vegetarian options. The dress code is as wild as she wants it to be. Oh, and don't forget about the decorations! Make sure there are plenty of disco balls and cowgirl hats.

How to Decorate a Disco Bachelorette Party

A disco bachelorette party is perfect because it's full of bright colors and funky patterns. Hang up colorful streamers and balloons, scatter some disco balls around, make a big sign that says It's My Disco Bachelorette or the Last Disco. You can also use neon colored paper plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths if you want your event to be even more colorful. 

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how to throw a disco bachelorette party

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Disco Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Disco bachelorette party games are a fun and memorable way for guests to be entertained during the party. Below are some disco bachelorette party game ideas you might like!

Who am I?: get each guest to guess who they think is being described.

Memory game: get each guest to write down something about themselves on a piece of paper. Fold up their paper and put it in a bowl or box with all the other papers (some of which contain clues). One by one, go around the circle and ask what is on your paper. If someone has your paper, they have to tell you what's on theirs. When someone gets one correct match out of three tries, they become 'It' and can remove two pieces from the container before asking another guest what's on their paper.

disco bachelorette game ideas

DARE CARDS - Fun and easy to play. A sure way to get the bachelorette party started with lots of fun and laughter! Hand out and scratch off to reveal each dare. Just fun and nothing too risqué.

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disco bachelorette party games

Scavenger Hunt: You and your friends are going to have a blast trying to complete the tasks on this fun scavenger hunt!

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disco bachelorette photo booth

For Your Future Mrs: bring all the Bride Vibes to your party with these too-cute props featuring designs of diamond sunnies, sparkly bottles, sassy ring fingers, tiaras + more!

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Spin the bottle: spin a bottle and if it points to a person, that person has to answer a question. The questions should be somewhat PG rated so that everyone can participate without feeling uncomfortable. If you have any not-so-PG-rated questions, save them for another time!

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Disco Bachelorette Party Costumes

The best thing about throwing a disco bachelorette is that you're not limited by traditional party themes. If you want to wear cowboy hats, dance around in the street, and act crazy then do it! There's no need for a specific dress code other than your outfits should be fun and over-the-top. As long as you’re having a great time then everyone else will have a blast too!

If you are still undecided on what your look will be, don't worry; this theme offers unlimited possibilities. For example: the bride could wear cowgirl boots with jeans and leather vest, or maybe she'll rock her white wedding gown with rhinestones for some added glamour. All of these costumes can be accessorized with disco balls, feathers and flowers if desired.

In regards to hairstyles and make-up, there are also many options available including boa feathers worn in hair or sparkling make-up tones. But honestly anything goes when it comes to Disco Bachelorette Parties so experiment with different ideas until you find one that suits you!

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disco bachelorette party costumes
disco bachelorette costumes

What Music to play at a Disco Bachelorette Party?

Music is a huge part of the bachelorette party and I can't stress this enough. The DJ or Band should be able to play a great mix of music for all generations. Remember, not everyone is going to know every song, so you need something for everyone. Mix it up with some old-school classics and newer hits. The best part about having a disco bachelorette party is that you can have as many fun games as you want.

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