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How to Plan A Rustic Farm Wedding on a Budget

Attention all people who enjoy being outside! If you both love the great outdoors, nature, animals and fresh air why not consider holding your wedding ceremony or reception on a farm. Farm weddings are rustic and informal, and they provide an excellent opportunity for a laid-back gathering whilst also being a cost-effective option, and as such, they are becoming increasingly popular.

How to plan a farm wedding

5 Great Reasons To Plan a Rustic Farm Wedding

1. A farm with a barn and an open field offers a one-of-a-kind wedding venue ideal for a Rustic Chic wedding on a budget.

2. You can capture stunning scenery in photographs creating wonderful memories

3. Have fun assembling and crafting a variety of rustic DIY farm-themed decorations.

4. Give back to the local community by sourcing local produce for your wedding feast

5. Benefit from live music and local musicians for entertainment.

How to plan a farm wedding

As a budget-friendly option rustic Farm Weddings are a perfect choice. Traditional wedding venues such as halls, hotels and even castles can be very expensive, but many farms are willing to rent out their barns and open fields for weddings at a price that is much more affordable. 

Not only can you make great savings with a farm wedding but you will have more control over wedding vendors, decoration, catering and entertainment, all of which will have to be chosen by you.

Not all farms are alike. There are crop farms, orchards, farms with animals or farms without animals, farms that produce dairy products and farms that produce berries, amongst other types of farms. You may have a preference or you may just have to make do with what is in your surrounding area. A farm with animals could be a lovely addition for guests with children. The farmer could perhaps organize a small tour.

10 important considerations when having a 

Rustic Farm Wedding

​The open air of a farm, field and the protection of a barn could present a lovely solution to your rustic budget wedding theme but it may also require a lot of forethought and planning on your part so ensure you have plenty of time to bring all the different elements together. Things you need to consider are as follows:

1. Toilets and Washing Facilities

It is unlikely the farm will have sufficient facilities in which case you will need to hire portable restrooms, arrange delivery, cleaning throughout the event and collection afetrwards.

2. Heating and Lighting

You may need to rent a Generator and have natural heating such as a fire pit or bonfire depending upon the time of the year, weather conditions, and whether you're going to be partying late into the night.

3. Chairs and Tables, dinner ware etc.

Don't forget about chairs, tables, linen, dinner ware

4. Helpers

You will need people faciliate the catering, pig roast, BBQ, pot luck including setting up, serving the guests and cleaning up afterward.

5. How will your guests arrive at the Farm?

Do you need transport for them, can they drive up themselves and if so where will they park? If they have to walk up, how far is it? Can the elderly and any with mobility issues manage the distance. 

What is the ground like? Let guests know they will need appropriate footwear as it might be muddy and wet. You might have the use of a wagon and horse which would be a lovely touch for a farm wedding. You can arrange wagon rides!

6. Bugs and Biting things

You may want to provide bug protection sprays or advise guests to bring their own!

7. Sun shade and shelter

Parasols and paper fans are a great addition both decoratively and to help ensure your guests comfort. Ensure hay bales have blankets for comfort and protection from the sharp straw blades.

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Legal Considerations of a Farm Wedding

8. Ensure you adhere to any fire safety regulations and take precautions to ensure they do not get out of control and that you have a way to extinguish them.

9. Ensure where you are holding the wedding that you are familiar with any laws in the area regarding large gatherings, waste disposal, sound level ordinance rules etc. Are you allowed a DJ and live music and to what hour? Are there restrictions in place?

10. Does the farm have insurance for large gatherings and weddings in particular?

Bride and Groom Clothing for a Farm Wearing

The bride and groom should wear clothes appropriate for a wedding in the country. However, this does not imply that you should dress in overalls and wellies; rather, you should try to find styles that give off a casual, unfussy air. A khaki suit is a great alternative to a tuxedo or a dark suit for the groom.

The bride can choose from a wide variety of fantastic options. She could wear a dress made of airy organza, perhaps with a bouquet of flowers sewn by hand.

Linen is another great fabric to consider for your wedding dress. Given the intimate nature of the venue, you may want to wear a tea-length dress or at least one without a lengthy train for the wedding.

Decorations for Farm Themed Weddings

The style of decorations would have an emphasis on natural elements, fruit, berries, greenery, flowers, wood and lace, burlap sacks, barrels, hay bales, tin buckets, rusty old bicycles, plaid table cloths, Gingham ribbons. For a more detailed guide to rustic outdoor wedding decor, view our guide here.

Flowers for a Farm Wedding

Sunflowers, Gypsophila, Peonies, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus leaves are trending for rustic farm themed weddings.

Catering for Farm Themed Weddings

Drinks can be served in mason jars which can also be used as vases. Serve freshly squeezed homemade lemonade, with freshly baked bread and homemade jams. Pig roast, BBQ, pot luck, grazing table, baked potatoes, pizza are popular choices for a rustic farm wedding venue. 

Planning a farm wedding


Cake for a Farm Wedding

Naked buttercream cakes are very popular for rustic budget weddings as well as cupcake towers. Fruit cakes are becoming popular again. View our detailed budget wedding cake guide here.

How to plan a farm wedding