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How to plan the perfect beach coastal wedding on a budget

When it comes to weddings, most people want to make sure they have an event that’s memorable and fun, but not too expensive. If you have decided to plan your wedding on the beach, the location alone will make it memorable, so you don’t need many bells and whistles if your budget doesn’t allow for it.

Top 10 tips for planning a wedding on a budget

1) Shop Around for Venues

2) Have the Wedding During an Off-Season

3) Keep the Guest List Small

4) DIY Your Decorations

5) Ask Friends and Family to Help Out

6) Choose Simple Invitations

7) Have an Unplugged Ceremony

8) Skip the Flowers

9) Serve Casual Foods

10) Use Less Expensive Fabric for Your Dress

If you're having a beach wedding, the best destinations for beach weddings are the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and Tahiti. In order to find venues for your wedding on these beaches, it's best to do some research beforehand. Google Earth is an excellent tool for finding nearby venue ideas and locations. Search by major cities or towns in the area and see what comes up! You can also check out sites like TripAdvisor that offer reviews of vacation rentals as well as food and attractions in the area. It's always best to go with an established site so you know they're providing accurate information.  

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Beach and Coastal Theme Wedding Invitations

You can best convey the relaxed, carefree vibe of a summer beach wedding to your guests by using stunning photographs of the venue as the focal point of the invitation. If you want wedding guests to wear light, summery dresses in the same colour, make a note of it in the invitation. It's polite to let guests know how long you'll be there in advance so they can pack accordingly and plan footwear, suncream, and personal shades, handfans etc. They may also require water for hydration while waiting on the beach and throughout the ceremony. A wedding invitation with a details card or space on the reverse is ideal for all these extra details.

Beach and coastal, nautical themed wedding invitations can include beach styled graphics such as sandy beaches and ocean views in watercolours or line art ocean life such as sea turtles and jellyfish, as well as starfish and seashells. Ombre colours are a modern twist on beach wedding invitations that combine the colours blue and yellow. You might prefer a tropical scene with palm trees, tropical leaves, and a vibrant sunset, or a ships wheel and an anchor for a nautical twist. Wedding invitations with beach, coastal, and nautical themes from Zazzle are featured below, with prices to suit all budgets starting at 0.28 each. Select your preferred design before entering the site to view your options. 

Budget Beachy Life Blue Lime Wedding Invites BUDGET  Nautical Ships Wheel Wedding Flyer 3in1 Dusty Blue Mason Jars Lights Wedding RSVP All In One Invitation BUDGET Aqua Watercolor Wedding Invite Ocean Beach Tropical Beach Hearts in Sand Initials Wedding Inv LeahG Sea Glass Turquoise Teal Blue Wedding INVITE Flyer Sea Turtle Wedding Bridal Shower Invites Nautical Ships Wheel Wedding Low Cost Budget PAMPAS GRASS TROPICAL Wedding Flyer LeahG Sea Glass Turquoise Teal Blue Wedding INVITE Sea Turtles Wedding Blue Yellow Sea Turtles Beach Wedding Budget Tropical Beach Hearts in Sand Bridal Shower BUDGET  Terracotta Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding Tropical PHOTO OVERLAY All-in-1 QR Code Wedding LeahG Tropical Green Pink Botanical Wedding BUDGET Aqua Ocean Wedding Invite Beach Destination Nautical Ships Wheel Wedding Terracotta Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding Invitation BUDGET  Sea Turtles Wedding Modern Line Art BUDGET Tropical Beach Wedding Abroad Photo Tropical Disco Wedding Invitation Gold Leaves BUDGET  Tropical Island Palm Leaves Beach Wedding Tropical Disco Wedding Invitation Gold Leaves Tropical Paradise Beach Wedding Vibrant Florals EnvelopeNautical Ships Wheel Wedding BUDGET  Nautical Ships Wheel Wedding Flyer BUDGET Tropical Paradise Beach Wedding  Florals Tropical Disco Wedding Invitation Gold Leaves LeahG Tropical Blue Green Pink Floral Wedding BUDGET Ocean Sea Glass Ombre Teal Blue Wedding INV BUDGET  Terracotta Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding PHOTO Tropical Beach Hearts Sand Sea Wedding Inv BUDGET Burgundy Wine Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding BUDGET Burgundy Wine Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding Tropical Beach Love Hearts In Sand BUDGET Wedding BUDGET  Tropical Island Palm Leaves Beach Wedding Flyer Ocean Sea Glass Ombre Turquoise Blue Wedding Invitation Tropical Island Palm Leaves Beach Wedding BUDGET Burgundy Wine Pampas Grass Tropical Wedding

Things to consider when planning a beach wedding in 2023

Some beaches are privately owned by hotels, resorts, restaurants, and individuals. The beach's services can be used with the owner's permission. The entire wedding ceremony and reception can be planned at the beach, or the wedding can be planned at the beach and then adjourned to the resort or hotel for the reception or to a patio or deck overlooking the beach.

The most important consideration in Beach Wedding Planning is that if the beach is public, it may attract the attention of the general public. And remember to always follow the beach rules and to check them out ahead of time.

Plan for wind, rain excess sun and heat

Because beaches are always windy, the weather is the most important factor to consider when planning a beach wedding. Visit the venue a day or two before the wedding at the same time of day to see where the sunsets are, the direction of the wind, and other considerations. The sun may also be strong, making the guests uncomfortable. Guests should be reminded to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and appropriate attire. Shade should also be provided for guests who are feeling uneasy. Rain is also a possibility, so a tent should be prepared.

Sand, Tide and Noise

Because beaches are sandy, appropriate chairs should be arranged so that they do not sink into the sand. Renting flooring for arranging chairs for the ceremony is recommended. Be aware that some guests may have difficulty walking on the sand, and wheelchair users may have difficulty, and let your guests know to have appropriate footwear.

Another factor to consider is the tide, as the couple should be aware of when the tide will come in, as it may flood the area. Because beaches are noisy, an appropriate sound system should be set up so that guests can hear them clearly.

Parking and Music

Parking is also an important consideration when planning a beach wedding. So find a parking spot for the guests' vehicles and make sure they don't have to walk too far to get there. 

Beach music can be difficult to master. Because access to electricity at the beach is limited, plan for live music with a guitar or two for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

What to wear for your beach wedding

Beach wedding dresses are typically more casual than their more formal church counterparts. Ball gowns with lengthy trains and heavy headpieces are the exception rather than the rule. Your dress materials should be airy and light, like chiffon, satin, or silk. Dresses that fall just above the knee or to the knee are fine. Dressing for a seaside wedding doesn't need you to wear only white. White, ivory, and other pastel shades are popular among beach brides. Dress your bridesmaids in a soft blue to reflect the ocean's hues. 

Dresses with spaghetti straps, halter necklines, or no sleeves are traditional for a beach ceremony. Cap sleeves are also lovely if you want to cover your shoulders. Attire with long sleeves should be avoided for a wedding on a beach. Do away with the veil and add some tropical flowers to your hair as an alternative because of the wind. The groom is welcome to choose his own color palette, from muted pastels to vibrant summer shades. The best option for the groom and his groomsmen are linen suits. Have a look at our beach wedding dress list on Amazon for ideas HERE.

Chair Decoration

Here are a few ideas for adorning your guest chairs. 

  1. Tie a length of theme-colored tulle around the chair, then tie a large bow in the back. In the centre of the bow, place a lovely flower and a palm leaf.
  2. Instead of a bow, tie a cluster of seashells to the centre of the ribbon and tie it around the back of the chair.

how to plan a beach wedding

Why Beach Weddings are trending 2023

More and more couples have chosen to get married on a beach because of the picturesque scenery and romantic atmosphere that can be found there. After all, who could say no to a wedding backdrop consisting of nature's own golden sand, lush palm trees, azure lakes, boundless sky, and stunning sunsets? Even at night, the allure of a wedding on the beach is undeniable. The sound of the waves at night under a star-studded sky is just as romantic as they are at sunrise, noon, or sunset. All of these things are what make a beach an adaptable setting for various events.

As the trend of having a wedding on the sand continues to gain momentum, more and more hotels and resorts along the coast are offering alluring wedding packages to accommodate a wide range of tastes and budgets. Beach weddings require special planning and attention to detail, and many hotels and resorts offer wedding planning services. The majority of modern beach wedding packages consist of decorations appropriate for the setting, a meal served buffet-style outdoors, performances by live bands, and enticing accommodations for the newlyweds' honeymoon. By doing things this way, partners may unwind and focus on other matters.