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The top 6 wedding costs are 

  1. Wedding venue
  2. Photography/videography
  3. Catering per head
  4. Attire for yourself and bridal party/groomsmen
  5. Flowers and decorations
  6. Wedding Dress

To keep your budget under $1000 or £1000 you need to ensure these 6 points!

  1. Keep your guest list and bridal/groomsmen party SMALL (50 or less guests)
  2. Have a FREE Wedding Reception Venue - Backyard / Garden
  3. Have a Pot luck, Buffet, Self Catered Reception
  4. Be prepared to create DIY decorations, wedding favors, bouquets
  5. Compromise on costs of professional photographer and videographers
  6. Consider readymade, preloved wedding dress / grooms suit.

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STEP by STEP Wedding Planning Guide

Print this list out HERE and check off every item as you complete the task. This list is not exhaustive and you may have more to do, but it is a good place to get you started and keep you organized.


  • First, tell your family and friends that you're getting married. Before you tell everyone on social media that you're getting married, you should tell your close family.
  • Set a budget for the wedding. Talk with your families about how much each person is willing to give. Your budget will affect every choice you make and purchase you make as you plan.
  • Choose a range of dates for your wedding. First, choose a range of dates that works for you. Think about your favorite season, the weather, work schedules, vacation time, and any big holidays or family events that may come up. Set up a range of dates before you visit in case the date you want is already taken. Keep in mind that venues can get booked up quickly—some even a year ahead of time.
  • Make a list of your wedding guests. Since the size of your wedding determines where you'll have it, how much it will cost (prices), and how many people will be there, one of the first things to do is make a guest list. While you make your list, your fiancé and both families should do the same thing. You can cut down the list later, and you probably will. But the first list of guests should be used as your starting point.
  • Choose your wedding's theme, colors, and style. Before you start thinking about the flowers, the cake, and the dress, think about the bigger picture and decide what kind of style you want your wedding to have in general. Once you decide style, theme, and colors, it will be easier to choose your wedding venue and hire your top vendors.
  • Take out wedding Insurance
  • Choose a Venue. Your wedding venue will be in almost all your wedding photos and can have a big impact on your choices, from your budget and guest list to smaller things like your menu. Some popular places can be booked up to a year or two in advance. So your first step should be to find a place to hold the event, both for the ceremony and reception. You can save money by having them in the same place.
  • Set a wedding date as, without a stable wedding date, you can't hire any of the services you need for your wedding.
  • Select your wedding party. Now it's your turn to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be at your wedding. Remember that the sooner you ask your friends and family for help, the easier it will be for them to make plans. Just give them enough time to make sure they can come.
  • Start looking for a dress. Most wedding dresses are made just for the bride. Ordering it could take between 9 and 12 months. And after that when the dress comes, it will need to be changed, usually more than once. If you are ordering a premade dress, you may still need to have it altered so allow time and budget for that.
Book Vendors or consider alternatives, cost-cutting ways to incorporate:
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Reception caterer
  • Florist
  • Cars
  • Cake maker.
  • Arrange ceremony - meet pastor /officiant - sort legal marriage requirements/register
  • Book reception entertainment
  • Plan and book honeymoon and renew or get passports, if necessary
  • Set up a wedding website to share information with guests
  • Send out save-the-date cards
  • Hair and Makeup - arrange a wedding trial (they may need advance booking or less notice depending on who you choose).
  • Arrange accommodation if required