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How To Plan A Micro Wedding

how to plan a micro wedding

Small Wedding Ideas For A Small Intimate Wedding By Anna Sher 

Why on earth would anyone want to throw a smaller wedding? In these days of over-the-top celebrity weddings and spending enough on a wedding to put you in debt for years to come, you don't hear much about small weddings. 

But they are making a comeback, particularly for those brides who prefer a more personal, intimate atmosphere. That's why I wanted to share some small wedding ideas with you in this article.

How to plan a micro wedding backyard

Small doesn't necessarily mean low budget!

First, though, let me clarify a few things. A small wedding does not mean an informal wedding, or a simple wedding, or a cheap wedding (though obviously, because the guest list is dramatically reduced, there can be significant savings). 

It simply refers to the size of the guest list. Instead of inviting your best friend's great aunt from Pittsburgh, the guest list and wedding party are confined to a small circle of close relatives and friends. How small? Often as small as only ten to fifteen people.

Beyond sharing the most important day of your life with a small, intimate group of friends, a small wedding allows you the freedom to focus on those areas of the wedding that are most important to you and might otherwise have been out of your reach.

Destination Micro Wedding

A smaller wedding makes a destination wedding far more practical than a large wedding. A destination wedding is exactly as it sounds ... the wedding is held out of town, at a setting that meets the interests of the bride and groom. Las Vegas is a destination wedding. A theme park, such as Disney World, is a destination wedding. There really are few limitations ... a mountain lodge, a beach house, a bed and breakfast, a ski trip, etc. When the wedding party and guest list are small, a destination wedding becomes much easier to achieve.

How to plan a micro backyard wedding

But what if you'd like to keep things simple?

The reception for a small wedding can be held in the intimate, comfortable setting of a family member's home. It can be held at the favorite restaurant of the bride and groom. It can be held out doors at a favorite park, or in the backyard of your best friend.

With these more intimate weddings, your options are nearly unlimited.

You also have more leeway in your food choices. If this is an important area for the wedding of your dreams, then catering or dining out at a fine restaurant are far more likely to fit within your budget.

But you may equally enjoy a potluck or a buffet or even an afternoon of hors d'ourves. A smaller wedding allows you the freedom to pursue the wedding you really want for yourself.

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Small Is Beautiful

How to have a classy low budget micro wedding

2020 is proving to be a challenging year not least for wedding couples who are having to change the date, postpone, elope, scale down and turn a large wedding into a micro wedding. Can it be done without losing anything in taste and class and can it be done with out upsetting your guests! Check out the great article by Anna Sher which is full of tips for planning a micro wedding and our own micro wedding tips and resources.

Real Micro Wedding Story

Having a micro wedding doesn't mean you can't have everyone you love witness your marriage. With the power of technology you can have a zoom wedding, live-stream your wedding to as many people as you desire, video chat and more. 

Look into the many great options to ensure your micro wedding remains packed full of memories and the people you care about. 

Outdoor venue, cover and decoration

For your micro wedding you can have the ceremony in a small local chapel, hire a Gazebo abd have it in a local park or hire or buy (then resell) a wedding tent and host your micro wedding in your garden or backyard. With social distancing an issue many more engaged couples are opting for an outdoor wedding and a micro wedding will fit into many people's backyards and if you don't have a large enough backyard, ask your family and close friends who are invited to your micro wedding if they'd mind you using their garden, yard. 

Tables and Chairs

You can decorate tables, a wedding ceremony arch, wedding tent and trees with artificial garlands or real leafy garlands for a rustic woodland look. Hire or borrow event tables, decorating and paste tables and cover with some clean fresh table linen. 

Ask at your local community hall or school if you can borrow or hire their collapsible chairs for your micro wedding ceremony and reception. If you are having a boho or shabby chic styled micro wedding having mismatched tables, chairs and linen will not look out of place, so borrowing from friends , family and neighbors is a great way to make savings.


For a micro wedding having a Pot Luck, BBQ, Pig Roast, Grazing Table. All of these are ideal catering solutions for a low cost, budget friendly micro wedding. Dinnerware can be picnic style disposable plates, cups and cutlery, paper napkins and so on. You may want to set up a hand hygiene station with hand sanitizer, paper towels and a bin for safe disposal.

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How to plan a micro wedding

2. How about having your guests sign and write a personal sentiment on a tablecloth? Then, at a later date, you can have the signatures and sentiments permanently embroidered into the tablecloth as a family keepsake.

3. Make your own wedding invitations, personalizing each one with a special sentiment. You can design them completely from scratch, choosing the paper you want, adding dried flowers or bows, or even adding your own background image if you're talented in this area (or know someone who's talented).

How to plan a micro wedding

Small Wedding Ideas by Anna Sher

Here are several unique small wedding ideas that can make your wedding day memorable for the rest of your life:

1. Since the whole idea behind an intimate wedding is to share the day with close family and friends, consider making your own wedding favors. For instance, a homemade goodie basket of cookies, breads, and candies. Or personalized CDs created with the music that you and your loved ones enjoy. The point here is to make your wedding favors as personal as possible.

How to plan a micro wedding

4. Instead of the usual reception activities, try activities that you know your guests enjoy. For instance, if your family and friends enjoy board games, run a tournament with the winner taking home a gift basket of games. Or try a scavenger hunt, or a softball game, or a trip to a local movie theater.

The idea behind a smaller wedding is to share your special day with only a few special people. Since the size of the wedding party and guests is easily manageable, small weddings ideas often allow you to pursue the wedding of your dreams when otherwise it wouldn't be possible. 

Whether it's a fancy, elegant wedding or a few close friends sharing a common interest, the choice is yours. Make your intimate wedding a wedding that you'll never forget. Article Source

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Micro wedding is simply a trendy slogan for small wedding. Planning a smaller wedding in 2020 is becoming the new normal as weddings are being scaled down due to the Pandemic. Coronavirus means weddings have been cancelled, postponed, couples have eloped and more weddings are being live-streamed and viewed via Zoom and other live-streaming channels so relatives, friends and loved ones can still see the engaged couple say their vows. Social distancing, facemasks, hand sanitizer are all requirements for 2020 weddings. These are just few of the reasons why whatever the size of your wedding it will be memorable! No one will forget a 2020 wedding and having a small wedding won't make it more forgettable. You can have your smaller wedding on a budget or simply opt for a small but pricey wedding. Destination weddings are small, the guest numbers are low but they can be expensive compared to a larger wedding in your own backyard. Keeping your wedding small means you can easily organise a Pot Luck , BBQ for catering and providing your small number of guests with food. You could even eat in a local restaurant. Make your small wedding a collaborative effort and get your local friends and neighbors help with the set up and decorations especially if you're having it close to home, backyard, garden, local park.